EvalPartners Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Grants Program 2021 - Call for Proposals

  25 mars 2021

EvalPartners Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Grants Program 2021 Call for Proposals

P2P program aims to support projects that will improve and/or suggest new adequate methodologies, approaches, practical ways, solutions on how evaluative evidence could be used to cope with the COVID-19 consequences on a national and regional levels.

EvalPartners invites VOPEs to apply for the P2P grants for implementation of partnership projects jointly developed by at least two VOPEs. The idea is to encourage two or more VOPEs to form mutually beneficial partnerships with each other to promote shared advice and learning while implementing P2P projects.

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Nouvelle de International Program for Development Education Training

  18 mars 2021


IPDET continues providing high quality Evaluation Capacity Development through the following online formats: a Kick-off session with renowned speakers, 11 online workshops on a variety of cutting-edge topics, and an interactive closing session. IPDET will also introduce a variety of evaluation community building activities to engage interested actors in networking and interacting with each other on different topics

Special emphasis is given to the current situation of COVID-19, the role and importance of evaluation in evidence-based policy-making and the need to adapt, change and rethink in the light of the newly emerged circumstances. 

We are grateful to the partners of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) for the financial contributions which enable us to develop and implement the IPDET 2021 program.

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American evaluation association: « Eval20 Reimagined: A Virtual Experience »

  23 septembre 2020

Registration is now open for Eval20 Reimagined: A Virtual Experience! Happening October 27-30 (EDT), this innovative experience will be filled with knowledge sharing and best practices.

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Empowerment Evaluation Webinar Workshop

  21 septembre 2020

This workshop provides participants with an immersive, hands-on, real-life experience conducting an empowerment evaluation remotely.  In addition to presenting an introduction to the theory, concepts, principles, and steps of the approach, Dr. Fetterman invites you to participate in the process.  He will provide an overview of the approach using case examples from his work at Google, Hewlett-Packard, Stanford School of Medicine, as well as with Native American Tribes, Tobacco Prevention programs in Arkansas, and Squatter Settlement communities in South Arica.  Then you will gain experience conducting an abbreviated empowerment evaluation in real-time.  There is nothing like experiential educational opportunities to crystalize learning.

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Infolettre de l’IPDET

  25 juin 2020

International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) vous invite à vous inscrire à son infolettre.

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EvalGender+ / Invitation à rejoindre la communauté Facebook

  15 juin 2020

EvalGender+, une initiative de EvalPartners, vous invite à rejoindre leur communauté Facebook.

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EvalPartners / e-Courses programme in Development Evaluation

  15 mai 2020

EvalPartners, in cooperation with several partners, is pleased to announce the opening of the registration for the second 2020 cohort of the FREE introductory e-Courses on Development Evaluation, which started on 11th May 2020. In previous rounds, over 30,000 participants from 172 countries registered.

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Eval4Action campaign

  20 avril 2020

The Decade of EVALUATION for Action, also the Eval4Action campaign, calls upon all actors, everywhere to accelerate the delivery of Sustainable Development Goals, by advocating for stronger evaluation capacities and evidence-based policies.

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EvalGender+ Appel à propositions

  24 mars 2020

EvalGender+ lance un appel à propositions pour générer les connaissances liées aux évaluations axées sur l’équité et sensibles au genre (EFGR).

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Semaine gLOCALe d’évaluation 2020

  14 février 2020

Le suivi et l’évaluation (S&E) jouent un rôle essentiel en soutenant la prise de décision fondée sur des preuves et en renforçant les résultats de développement. Ces objectifs, au cœur de la mission de l’Initiative CLEAR, sont l’inspiration de la semaine gLOCALe d’évaluation qui se déroulera cette année du 1er au 5 juin 2020.

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RFE – Actualités

  14 février 2020

Pour avoir toutes les informations cliquez sur le lien suivant: RFE – Actualités – Février 2020

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FIFE2019 – Focus Séquences Evénements

  6 novembre 2019

A l’occasion de la 3ème édition du FIFE, outre les Ateliers de perfectionnement, les Foras, les Carrefours et le Programme complémentaire, nous avons le plaisir d’accueillir deux séquences Evénement proposées par l’UNICEF et la FAO.

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