REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (“RFP”) FOR The Reducing Youth Justice Involvement Social Impact Bond Project

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Marymound Inc. (the “Contractee”) requests Proposals from qualified Proponents meeting the requirements contained in this Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide an independent evaluation of the 3-year Reducing Youth Justice Involvement Social Impact Bond (the “Project”)


The Proponent will be responsible for verifying the outcomes of the Project, which, in turn, will determine whether outcomes payments are triggered.
The Proponent will provide an Evaluation Plan that will include, at minimum, the reporting schedule and the templates of all required reports (as set out in this RFP). The Evaluation Plan is the first deliverable requested in this RFP.
The Proponent will provide Quarterly Evaluation Reports to measure and confirm the outcomes achieved through the Project.
The Proponent will provide a Final Evaluation Report to summarize outcomes achieved through the Project and provide additional desired information related to the Project.
The Proponent will provide the evaluation data and data analysis files to Marymound Inc., as relevant to the Project, for use in documentation (format to be agreed upon) to satisfy the Services completion.
The Proponent will be committed to ongoing communications with the Contractee throughout the duration of the Services contract.

See Part 2 “Description of Services Required” of the attached document for a full description of the services sought.

Compétences recherchées

The Proponent must have demonstrated expertise in Indigenous-led outcomes based evaluation.
The Proposal should demonstrate the Proponent’s expertise in quantitative and qualitative program evaluation, outcome measurement (for secondary outcomes), Indigenous-led evaluation and approach to outcome measurement and design, administrative data linkage, matched sample designs.

Instructions spécifiques

The Submission Deadline and email address is as set out on the title page to the attached RFP.

Proposals must be submitted no later than the Submission Deadline.
Late submissions are not permitted and any proposals submitted after the Submission Deadline will be rejected
Proposals must be submitted in PDF format, with the required signatures in the PDF attachment(s).


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